Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The things which weigh heavily

The things which weigh heavily upon my mind are these—failure to improve in the virtues, failure in discussion of what is learnt, inability to walk according to knowledge received as to what is right and just, inability also to reform what has been amiss.

The things which weigh heavily for me are the three stooges above. Confucius hit the nail on the head twenty five centuries ago, so are we slow learners or just thick? Too easily persuaded I suppose.

After twenty five centuries we may as well accept that Confucian wisdom isn't likely to enter politics any time soon. Peace, a functioning economy and the rule of law are the best we can hope for. Voting won't change anything because the only real power is the power of money.

Collectively we voters have lots of money but we allow too much of it to be stolen by the state and spend too much of the rest on Sky television, mobile phones and suchlike. There is no sign that this will ever change and quite possibly that's the best outcome we can hope for. 


Sackerson said...

Weren't the Analects the deadly foes of Doctor Who?

A K Haart said...

Sackers - you may be thinking of the Anaglypticons who disguised themselves as wallpaper and planned to subject the entire universe to their evil designs.

Sackerson said...

They were the ones who said size doesn't matter, and then fell off the wall.

Sam Vega said...

Those pictures of the party leaders are superb. Did they come as a set, or did you source them independently? The Clegg one is just a lucky shot. The Cameron one expresses something of the inner man. But the Miliband pic is beyond excellent. He is definitely a mournful man, isn't he, despite the training he has recently had.

Anonymous said...

But I, sir, showed the way to financial prudence. I chucked Sky out, and my mobile 'phone, which is, incidentally, just a 'phone with no extra gadgetry because apart from anything else I wouldn't be able to master any of them, is used for one purpose only - once a week whilst standing forlornly in the middle of Sainsbury's shopping list in hand I call home and ask whether it is the blue packet or the red packet, is it the large tin or the small tin, do you want the frozen or the fresh, and so on. Apart from that it sits on a shelf and runs its battery down!

Yes, I know, I'm an example to you all!

Demetrius said...

Would like to comment but time is short. There is a Shaun The Sheep on TV and I do not want to miss it for the significance of the social message.

A K Haart said...

Sackers - because as we know, size does matter.

Sam - I filched them off the web and stuck them together. Yes Miliband is mournful, maybe he aims to spread it around.

David - my phone is also devoid of extra gadgetry - phone calls and texts are all it does. I'll be sorry when it kicks the electronic bucket.

Demetrius - if he stands, I may vote for Shaun.