Sunday, 22 December 2013

What’s wrong with Clegg?

Three MPs elected by some of our fellow citizens. Citizens who must be deranged but there it is - that’s pseudo-democracy for you.

For me, Balls is an opportunist nightmare, Yeo a slimebag, but in some respects Clegg is worse than either. There is a void in Clegg’s public persona and the visible bits outside the void don’t add up – at least for me they don’t.

We know he’ll move on when the Lib Dems realise he doesn’t give a hoot about their hopeless little party, but we’re used to self-serving cynicism. No, it still doesn’t add up.

We know he’s a rat who cannot be relied on to support even a moral stance if there is no personal gain or sanctimonious platform on which to stand, but we’re used to that. No it still doesn’t add up.

We know he knows nothing about climate science but is fully prepared to rubbish anyone who opposes the official line or dares to point out glaringly obvious absurdities, but we’re used to that. No it still doesn’t add up.

Maybe that’s the problem – Clegg doesn’t add up. What you see is all there is but it isn’t enough. I think that’s because he doesn’t care how events turn out. He expects to be eminently employable among his own kind for the rest of his life and sees no need to make a useful impact on anything or anyone beyond his social class.

Or maybe as Duffers would say – he’s a tit.


Anonymous said...

"What's wrong with Clegg?" you ask.

'Old Will' has an answer but for the life of me I cannot remember in which play:

"He breathes, Sir!"

Sackerson said...

There's something screwy. He's like The Manchurian Candidate for the EU. Maybe he's got his sights on the Presidency in 10 - 15 years' time.

Sam Vega said...

In a similar vein, have a look at Huhne attempting to create a new constituency among the youthful metro-left by attacking older citizens.

A K Haart said...

David - yes it's one of his most annoying faults.

Sackers - I think he has his eyes on something in the EU.

Sam - Huhne is a delight isn't he?

Michael said...

But he's one of those career 'politicians' who thrive on public taxes.

His money is paid by guys and gals who work long hours and long for a rest occasionally. He does nothing to alleviate their situation, because he thinks he is above all that.

He is the ultimate spender of the common purse, a man who believes he is the person to keep mankind afloat. Socialists also misbelieve this quandary, but they are clearly flawed as has been proven for many years. Just watch any Ed Balls video - hopeless"

Demetrius said...

My reaction to all of them is simple. On the rugger field it would give me great pleasure to crash tackle them. And more than once.

A K Haart said...

Michael - if somebody is above it all, should we call him or her a "floater"?

A K Haart said...

Demetrius - I favour something much milder such as a fifteen mile walk. I choose the boots.