Friday, 13 September 2013

A lone piper

Every now and then, in a lay-by not far from our place, we see a chap in a kilt playing the bagpipes. He parks his car, takes out the pipes and gives them an airing amid the constant roar of the A38.

He's being considerate I suppose, although I like the pipes myself. As far as I'm concerned he can parade up and down our street with them. Stirring stuff that would be.

Maybe he's a beginner though.  


Sam Vega said...

I remember something similar when I was a teenager. I had gone fishing on the River Ouse near Bedford, and had walked a long way out of town. I could hear, for several hours, the sound of bagpipes very faintly above the birdsong and river noises. It turned out to be a bloke who had left his car in a lay-by and walked to the middle of a huge ploughed field.

Sackerson said...

Ken Dodd joke: I've got terrible naighbours. Last night they were shouting and banging on the wall at two in the morning. Fortunately I was up playing my bagpipes at the time.

Sam Vega said...

Related Ken Dodd joke.
"I can tell the time with this big drum. I just go out into the street and bang it, and one of the neighbours throws open their window and shouts 'Shut that bloody racket up! It's two in the morning!'"

Anonymous said...

Chinese blagpliper, he say, 'be careful what you wish for!"

Macheath said...

If he's only practising, it's the kilt that's so puzzling - at least on the A38.

Perhaps he's getting ready to put in a bid to work the Scottish Border lay-by at Carter Bar - it;s a while since I've been there but there used to be a lone piper most days (well, either there or in the pub at the bottom of the hill).

Alternatively, the kilt is there to motivate his performance, though I suspect he's got a way to go before he matches this chap.

A K Haart said...

Sam - hired by the farmer to keep the crows away?

Sackers and Sam - it's the way he tells them. Saw him live once.

David - Blagpliper? Great name for a Lib Dem MP.

Mac - great link!