Saturday, 8 December 2012

Pssst - wanna buy some research?

Greenbang asks us a rhetorical question :-

How could shipping expenses, carbon emissions and time wasted in traffic all be reduced at once? One expert believes the answer lies with high-capacity vehicles, or HCVs.

We might call them “extra-long trucks” or “super lorries,” but — whatever you call them — they could help to make a meaningful dent in the number of commercial vehicle journeys on the road, according to David Leach, a transport and logistics expert at the University of Huddersfield.

“I think that in the right circumstances, for companies that transport lightweight goods in large quantities, from distribution site to distribution site, HCVs would be an undoubted benefit and would lead to a reduction in carbon emissions,” Leach said.

So carbon emissions are in there right at the start. However, Greenbang does feel constrained to mention that this is sponsored research.

Perhaps it should then comes as no surprise that Leach’s research was sponsored by Kimberly-Clark, known for lightweight personal-care products like facial tissue, toilet paper and disposable diapers.

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