Saturday, 23 July 2011

Men in Great Place

Sir Francis Bacon - from Wikipedia

Men in Great Place are thrice Servants: Servants of the Sovereign or State; Servants of Fame; and Servants of Business. So as they have no Freedom, either in their Persons, nor in their Actions, nor in their Times. It is a strange desire to seek Power, and to lose Liberty; or to seek Power over others, and to lose Power over a Mans self. The Rising unto Place is laborious; and by Pains men come to greater Pains: and it is sometimes base; and by Indignities men come to Dignities. The Standing is Slippery, and the Regress is either a Downfall or at least an Eclipse, which is a melancholy thing.
Sir Francis Bacon – Essays – Holt edition 1701


James Higham said...

Oldest one in the book - did he or did he not write them?

David Duff said...

Oh no! Please don't tell me there's a 'who wrote it' controversy over Bacon's works, too. The Shakespeare one continues to 'run and run'!

A K Haart said...

Didn't Shakespeare write Bacon's works - as a deal for all those plays?