Friday, 22 July 2011

EU Primer – part 2


Farming in the EU may refer to agricultural practices, but is more likely to refer to the widespread EU tradition of harvesting other people’s money.

Unlike old-style farming, this new method of farming goes on all the year round, requiring little in the way of land, livestock or capital investment. The technical term for it is EU-farming and is one of the main reasons why it is so vital for the EU to maintain incomprehensible accounts (see part 1).

Money-farming, or EU-farming as we shall now call it, has quickly established itself as one of the basic and most widespread EU traditions. Generously supported by EU taxpayers, EU-farming provides funds for all kinds of fun, games and offbeat activities which would otherwise struggle to attract public support. Plush offices, lavish dining, exotic entertainments and globe-trotting official ‘duties’ are just the tip of a jolly, pinstriped iceberg, merely the superficial signs of a most profitable activity. For a few at least.

EU-farming developments are ongoing of course and many more schemes will be in the pipeline, the ingenuity of which we can only guess at.

The future is here, the future is EU-farming.

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