Saturday, 8 July 2017

The bus stops here

From the BBC we hear about a conflict between a bus stop and the front door of a newly built house in Langley Mill.

A newly-built house with a bus shelter "smack-bang" in front of its door has been put up for sale.

The two-bedroom home in Langley Mill is "attracting a lot of interest" despite being blocked by the bus stop, estate agent Burchell Edwards said.

Mrs H and I pass this site several times a week on the grandchild school run so the problem has been obvious to us for some time. The houses have been built on a site once occupied by a large second hand car dealer but why anyone would buy one we're not sure. Apart from the bus stop issue which only affects one property, the houses seem to have no garden, merely a yard for storing wheelie-bins.

As far as we can see, these brand-new terraced houses have far less land than nearby miners' terraces built in the nineteenth century. The new houses may be clean, modern and well-insulated, but given the choice I'd probably prefer the nineteenth century version with a garden. 


Sam Vega said...

What a dreadful choice: hard dangerous toil underground, or a meaningless job in order to try to make money by climbing the property ladder. But yes, I think the miners had the better deal.

Michael said...

Is there a job for a resident fag-end-cleaner there as well?

Stephen Mundane said...

Sam Vega said, " But yes, I think the miners had the better deal." Definitely, more so because they also had a sense of community and that's something that will very likely be sadly lacking for the residents of the overpriced rabbit hutches on offer here.

wiggiatlarge said...

Difficult to see how you can have a "sense of community" if you can't exit the front door.
Many years back I was dragooned into helping a small landscape company for a fee I could not refuse, to complete developement planting before the deadline.
When I arrived with the troops there was a lorry of Laurels for planting as hedging, I said you can't use those there is only three foot frontage to the pavement, "they are approved by the council" came the reply and as it was not my scheme they went in, anyone who has anything to do with Laurel will know they are prodigious growers once established and totally unsuitable for hedging anywhere unless you have acres, if unchecked the properties would have no daylight even upstairs, councils eh !

Demetrius said...

Exhaust fumes?

A K Haart said...

Sam - we have the pick my wife's great grandfather used down the mine. It is short and stubby for use in confined spaces. An interesting thing to have, but grim when you think about how it was used.

Scrobs - there may be but don't apply, you wouldn't like it.

Stephen - yes they are overpriced rabbit hutches, not places to bring up children in my view.

Wiggia - I've struggled with overgrown laurels - never again.

Demetrius - yes, as well as the bus stop they are close to traffic lights on a busy road.