Thursday, 7 May 2015

The big day

Two decisions to make – my vote and do I stay up till the early hours in case an upset occurs? I’m not sure about the staying up bit – snoring my way through it has always been attractive.

As for the vote, it has to be UKIP. Not the best candidate, but I can’t possibly vote mainstream as that would endorse the decline. Managing the decline seems to be a key subtext for our mainstream parties and their voters.

The Conservatives want a decorous decline with enough juicy sinecures to keep the wolf from the door.

Labour want a more strident and self-righteous decline with enough public sector sinecures to keep the wolf from the door.

The Lib Dems don’t count.

So it’s the admittedly feeble UKIP boat-rocker for me. What a rotten choice because the UKIP candidate won't get anywhere. Hardly worth bothering. Those who voted against AV have much to answer for.


Woodsy42 said...

You have accurately summed up my thoughts and intention.

Michael said...

I have to think that I would do a tactical vote in your case, Mr H!

Round here, (Tunbridge Wells), Labour usually lose their deposit, not that they ever said or did anything remotely useful anyway!

I did UKIP for both ticks with a happy heart today!

Demetrius said...

We shall retire early, get up late, have a cup of tea or two, check out the evenings entertainment and then may or may not look at the news, if any.

Sam Vega said...

Agreed. UKIP it was. A wasted vote in this constituency, but I thought that voting would at least give me the right to grumble later.

I think the fun stuff will come over the next few days.

A K Haart said...

Woodsy - I don't see how people can look at it any other way. Voting for more of the same just seems flaky.

Michael - tactical voting benefits the incumbents. With a UKIP vote the level of dissatisfaction is at least measured.

Demetrius - I'll probably stay up until I fall asleep, which won't take long.

Sam - I agree and how else are we to register dissatisfaction? A large UKIP vote generating few seats may even exhume the AV debate.