Sunday, 17 August 2014

Heat and light

We recently returned from a week in a Norfolk cottage, a converted stable where the main living area was also a kitchen diner. The place was comfortable and pleasantly warm in the evening. 

In fact I noticed the room temperature always rose slightly during the evening even though we never turned on the central heating.  According to the room thermostat, the temperature tended to rise from about 20°C in the early evening to about 23°C by 11pm.

Initially puzzled, I eventually realised that the light bulbs were not the energy saving type but old fashioned incandescent bulbs. They were opalescent candle bulbs so the difference wasn’t immediately obvious. Seven 40 watt bulbs were pumping a little less than 280watts of heat into the room as soon as we switched on the lights.

At this time of year with darker evenings and summer fading away, it’s a useful effect I’d forgotten as we’ve used energy saving bulbs at home for years.

As the room thermostat was in the living room, it will only switch on the heating when the heat from the lighting becomes inadequate. Even then, it will only top up the heat from those old fashioned light bulbs.

It’s not always simple, this energy saving lark.


Sam Vega said...

Blimey, another property which has kept incandescent bulbs! We've got two in our outhouse. I daren't have them in the house because the neighbours might inform the authorities. I've also kept a few spares wrapped in newspaper. Thought they would be good to show any grandchildren - a bit like my grandfather used to show me the old mattock and bill-hook which he kept in the shed.

Michael said...

I've got two 150 watt bulbs which light my shed.

They also heat the shed and help me make my inventions without worrying too much!

I think there is a 200 watt bulb in a box somewhere, and I may well use that soon, as I need more light!

These squiggly neon bulbs are so weedy, I despair!

Demetrius said...

Fiat lux.

A K Haart said...

Sam - keep them, they could be valuable antiques one day. You could sell them to the grandchildren.

Michael - two 150 watt bulbs? That's either a big shed or a tanning parlour.

Demetrius - and heat.