Sunday, 18 May 2014

Shouting in public

Two women walking their dogs through the town centre. I don't know their names so I'll refer to them as Waynetta and Mrs Pooter. There was no Wayne present but Mr Pooter hovered in the background.

The dogs were similar to those in the pic and suddenly the one on the left got away from Waynetta and went for Mrs Pooter's dog - the one on the right. You guessed which was which anyway, didn't you?

C'mere yer little shit, shrieked Waynetta at the top of her voice, evidently embarrassed by the situation. Yer bloody little shit - c'mere now yer little shit, she bellowed again, pursuing her canine companion with considerable energy but little immediate success.

Meanwhile Mrs Pooter had rescued her doggy by the simple expedient of picking it up. Pretty courageous of her I thought, even though Waynetta's dog didn't seem to be all that dangerous. Maybe not even as dangerous as Waynetta.

There followed a tangle of accusations and confusion where only Waynetta's voice was actually audible. At the time it seemed nigh on loud enough to burst a sewage pipe, but perhaps that was by way of contrast with everyone else. What is it about demented shouting from adults? Don't they listen to themselves?

Anyhow the final incident occurred as Waynetta attached her dog to a lead. Mrs Pooter handed her pooch to Mr Pooter, grabbed the lead and forcibly dragged Waynetta's dog well away from the scene of the action. I'm not sure why, but she seemed to be making a point.

Of course this was Waynetta's excuse to be loudly indignant, but the episode was fizzling out and both parties went their separate ways.


James Higham said...

Funny you should mention that. We have a corner near my window where some chav is shouting across the road at another.

He can't wait to cross the road to speak, he has to shout - sometimes at midnight, sometimes at 3 a.m.

A K Haart said...

James - there is something childish about such people.