Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Our gas consumption

Our gas consumption in cubic metres per day from winter 2010 to date. It's rather crude, but the length of winter 2012/13 is clearly visible. We also burned a record amount of wood.

As far as global warming goes it proves nothing, but if global cooling takes off, the the issue will surely become much more personal and acute. Government policy still appears to be based on a presumption of warming. If so, then the lights will surely go out at some point over the coming winters.


Sobers said...

If I were not in the position I am (that of having a log stove and a plentiful supply of logs) I would be aiming over the next few years to make sure I had exactly that in place. All the evidence (as opposed to computer generated conjecture) points to a global cooling over the next few decades. And the UK is singularly badly placed to cope with such a scenario.

There could well come a winter within the next ten years when the gas stops coming out of the pipes, and the electric is cut off too, because of high demand and the inability of a energy grid hollowed out by eco-freakery to cope. Then having a backup heating and cooking plan could be difference between life and death, particularly if you are old.

A K Haart said...

Sobers - yes, we have doubled our log supply for next winter and I may add some more. We may still get some mild winters, but it looks as if we'll get more cold ones than we've been used to.