Thursday, 15 March 2012

Blog review

I’ve been blogging for nearly a year now, so I suppose it’s time to sit back and see if a little housekeeping is called for. There are a few things to think about.
  • A new look to the blog - not very important.
  • Different blogging frequency – maybe fewer posts.
  • Different subjects.
  • Guest posts.
Guest posts seem a bit redundant because anyone interested in blogging may easily set up a blog of their own. Even so, I get good comments, so if any commenters with no wish to run their own blog are interested in risking the occasional post here, then drop me an email and we’ll take it from there. But this is a small blog, so you won’t get fan mail !

Otherwise I’ll probably just carry on for now, but at some point soon I may cut down on the time I spend blogging and put more into writing. Writing isn’t as immediately rewarding as blogging, but I have a novel and a book of short stories to finish and I really ought to get on with both. The trouble is, while I'm writing, the blog is only a mouse click away.

Ah well - if I miss out on posting every now and then, it just means I’m busy.


Anonymous said...

All the best with the writing but I shall miss one of the best blogs around. I can imagine blogging is very time consuming and in the end leaves one wondering where the time went. Will still call by regularly.

Sam Vega said...

I agree with Roger. An excellent blog that his provided a lot of food for thought, and many laughs.

I intend to get my wife a Kindle for her birthday, and might test-drive it by downloading one of your novels. They would have to be really bad to be not worth the money!! I suppose if you have the talent to write novels, then that is what you ought to do. Talent will out!

A K Haart said...

Roger and Sam - thanks chaps. I'm thinking of missing a day or two here and there, but I'm not great at sticking to resolutions.

My writing is pretty average at best and as Johnson said, anyone can write if they stick doggedly to it. I do like the sense of accomplishment though, however modest.

Blogging has shown me that huge number of people write well and many could easily write a book or two, but the time it takes is phenomenal, especially the editing.

If you do decide to download any of my books, let me know and I'll set them up as freebies for a while.

James Higham said...

... or in my case, a touchpad click away.

Well done on a fine blog. Don't you dare give it up.

A K Haart said...

JH - no I'm not giving it up. Just easing off a bit while I get some other stuff done. I'll still post at OoL.