Monday, 9 January 2012

Drink five days a week say MPs

The BBC reports on an MP's committee recommending that we should set aside five days a week for drinking :-

That is one of the recommendations in a report by the Commons science and technology committee, which is calling for a review of all government guidelines on alcohol in the UK.

It says there are "sufficient concerns" about the recommendations on how much people should drink.


Mark Wadsworth said...

The MP was completely misquoted. What he actually said was "People should get two free drinks a day".

James Higham said...

What if I om;y want to drink four days? Will I be incarcerated?

Demetrius said...

Does drinking 22 hours after the last one count as a day?

A K Haart said...

MW - I think you'll find it was MPs only who should get those free drinks.

JH - yes absolutely - until you have that other drink.

D - no - you have to drink again at least two hours and one second later.

Trooper Thompson said...


A K Haart said...

TT - MPs are always good for a laugh.