Friday, 6 May 2011

The fatal tedium of sweet reason

One of life’s most basic decisions is whether or not to be opinionated. In fact I’m surprised something so important it isn’t taught in schools. The problem is, that sweet reason may be mildly admirable as a life-tactic, but it doesn’t do much for a person's image, does it? It’s all so tedious considering various points of view and balancing one against the other. After all, every point of view can’t be valid can it? So why not take a shortcut and just choose one? 

I mean, what exactly is wrong with being opinionated? You do at least stand a better chance of being right. You stand a better chance of being wrong too, but you’ll never know it, which is surely a huge advantage. If you aren’t opinionated, then you can’t ever be right or wrong, and that’s hardly a satisfactory return on all the endless stress of forever striving to be sweetly reasonable, is it?

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