Monday, 13 February 2017

A chronic state of mental inaccuracy


...they lived in a chronic state of mental inaccuracy, excitement and inertia, which made it vaguely exhilarating to lie and definitely fatiguing to be truthful.
Edith Wharton - The Mother's Recompense (1925)

Wharton's is a strangely modern observation - analysis requires considerably more mental effort than instinct. The extra effort can be observed - it is a neurological fact, an important way to minimise the effort of thinking. 

With a well-defined political outlook it is possible to dispense with analysis altogether as Ken Loach has done. The UK government may be many things, but it is not brutal. For brutal Loach should look elsewhere. Here is another example of his chronic state of mental inaccuracy.

The director has previously clashed with Business Secretary Greg Clark about the film, in an episode of BBC One's Question Time.

"Your film, Ken – it is a fictional film," the Conservative minister said, prompting groans from the Gloucestershire audience.

But Loach shrugged off Clark's criticism with an impassioned reply. “When you’re sanctioned your life is forced into chaos, and people are going to food banks," he said. "How can we live in a society where hunger is used as a weapon?"

No, hunger is not used as a weapon. Loach is lying. Why do it, why not dispense with the rhetoric and stick to some kind of analysis? Presumably because he cannot, his instincts crowd out any possibility of analysis and so he demeans the cause he purports to support.


James Higham said...

So, not the new brutalism then?

Demetrius said...

I have looked at Loach in past posts on my blog and do not like him. A long time ago he ratted on an agreement with local Labour people who had given their lives to better those of others.

wiggiatlarge said...

Loach is a sort of "uber" lefty, a millionaire who lives in a very nice house who believes the state should support all.
He has also been in receipt of public funds himself to finance his films over many years, if he believes what he says perhaps he should give back some of the profits to the hard pressed taxpayer, after all they made his films and his success possible !

It been a strange week in the world of celebrity, somehow Trump has reinvigorated them to new heights of virtue signalling and self applause and adulation for failed causes and ideologues.

A K Haart said...

James - that's something else.

Demetrius - he seems to be a type.

Wiggia - he probably does believe what he says in the sense that he can't question it, it is too deeply embedded in what he is.