Saturday, 4 June 2016

Amish teens clocked at 110 mph


This story caught my eye recently, perhaps because of the rather broad hint it drops about the modern world catching up with everyone eventually.

Five Amish teens face alcohol-related charges after their 2001 Dodge Caravan was clocked at 110 miles per hour.

The teens were spotted Friday night while driving southbound on US 31 in Fulton County.

As the Indiana State Police troopers caught up with the van, the teens allegedly started throwing alcohol containers out of the vehicle.

An investigation found that the 17-year-old male driver was operating the vehicle on a learner's permit and had consumed alcohol.

Inside the vehicle, troopers spotted numerous alcohol containers, multiple cases of beer, and a jug of whiskey.

There were two female passengers, ages 16 and 17, in the van. There were also two 16 year-old boys in the van. Police believe all of the teens had consumed alcohol.

So it's not all buggies and sober living.


Macheath said...

The buggies and sober living get them in the end but, perhaps sensibly, some of today's Amish allow their young the chance to experience some more contemporary excitement first - although the ones on your story seem to have embraced the opportunity with excessive enthusiasm.

By coincidence, this in on my current favourite videos list: I guarantee you'll never view rap songs in the same light again...

Demetrius said...

Who, I wonder was the actual owner of the Dodge Caravan. They do not come cheap and imply a lifestyle rather at variance with the Amish culture. Must go, time to read "Revelations".

A K Haart said...

Macheath - while reading this story I also came across another Rumspringa tale involving large amounts of beer. I wonder how common it is and how many they lose to the outside world?

That video seems extraordinarily popular.

Demetrius - check out Macheath's Rumspringa link, although that doesn't tell us how they paid for the Dodge.