Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Listen to the experts you proles

"Listen to the experts" David Cameron urges as he tries to shore up the Remain case.

DAVID Cameron has urged voters to "listen to the experts" about the risks to the UK of quitting the European Union as he accused pro-Brexit campaigners - including some of his Cabinet colleagues - of lying about Britain's prospects outside the EU.

Anyone is bound to wonder about his reliance on experts when our countryside is littered with windmills. They were installed on the advice of experts. Maybe those chaps are lesser experts belonging to the green crap branch of government-sponsored imbecility.

I'm sure we have enough experience of experts to be aware that far too many of them have skin in the game - as Cameron has. Unfortunately government tentacles are so all embracing that this appears to be almost all of them. As we know from the windmill caper, it makes a difference.

Not a good argument then. The guy appears to be rattled. What fun.


Sam Vega said...

The most positive spin that Cameron could put on this is that five people who he personally appointed to his cabinet turned out to be liars.

Impressive judge of character, Cameron.

Henry Kaye said...

It never ceases to amaze me that whatever subject comes up for discussion, an army of "experts" suddenly appear. I have posed a question elsewhere a little earlier asking what qualifies an elected MP to become a sudden "expert" on matters involving the expenditure of vast sums of public money. I ask the same question about the supposed "experts" outside of parliament. There are just too many voices with too much to say.

DCBain said...

Just call the University of East Anglia; they did a cracking job on climate.

wiggiatlarge said...

Well they certainly rolled out the "experts" re HS2 considered good value by the government yet costing ten times the high speed rail projects in Europe, and that is before the inevitable hiking in prices as the project gets under way.

The question is how can ay politician present this to the public as a good thing with a straight face, seemingly it comes naturally when spending 'other peoples money'.

Demetrius said...

In 1861 "The Times" said that the London Underground would never work with steam trains and people would be insane to travel that way. There were many other experts in that era who were adamant about their science and findings only to be proved wrong. Who could have predicted the invention of the magneto and that the greasy stuff seeping up from the ground in parts of the USA and elsewhere would be so valuable?

Michael said...

I'd have thought that any 'expert' in a trading nation like the UK, would say anything to wrong-foot the competition!

If some rich banker wants a slice of a market, he sure as eggs is eggs will say the opposite to the truth.

Politicians are usually too thick to think that way.

A K Haart said...

Sam - how does he judge his own character I wonder.

Henry - I'm sure they use experts as minions who are supposed to support the official line.

DCB - they did, didn't they? What a crew.

Wiggia - I still think it would be cheaper to move Birmingham.

Demetrius - the N-ray story is worth looking up.

Scrobs - good point. We can bet on anything these days, so a nudge in the right direction can change the odds in favour of those in a position to nudge. I don't think that's what Cameron means by "nudge" though.

Flyinthesky said...

One of my own little ditties: "Beware expert opinion, the principal beneficiary is usually the expert."

A K Haart said...

Fly - unfortunately that is the way of things. Mortgages have to be paid.