Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Submerged in little things

We go each of us through the treadmill of our lives caught and caged like little animals in some vast menagerie. In turn we love, marry, breed children, have our moments of blind futile passion and then something happens. All unconsciously a change creeps over us. Youth passes. We become shrewd, careful, submerged in little things.
 Sherwood Anderson - Marching Men (1917)

I intended to write something about Anderson’s words, but I have to nip off to Sainsbury’s to recycle some batteries and pick up a few bits and pieces. There are Christmas cards to write, a Mastercard statement to check, info from our gas and electricity supplier, our Ramblers membership renewal and I need some time to fiddle with my new camera to see what I can do with it...


Jenny Woolf said...

Also, if you are like me, you might feel that it is about time to clean out the vegetable drawer in the fridge? It is so distressing when you get those little fragments of dried up vegetables.

Demetrius said...

Been there done that. And at last a cup of tea that can be enjoyed. Suggest the camera be left until spare time is to be had.

Derek said...

I don't suffer from those 'little things', as endless cups of tea delay infinitely their imposition on my time and effort.

Which of course is utter nonsense . . . but a nice idea.

A K Haart said...

Jenny - and not even enough for soup.

Demetrius - I'm expecting the camera to know far more about photography than I do.

Derek - tea is good, although sometimes I make it as a reason for finding myself in the kitchen without any clear idea why.

Derek said...

Rather like going into another room (or floor) only to wonder why you are there. It's like stepping into another universe, having left the brain in the other. I do that a lot. Not an age thing either, as I have done it for decades. Lack of focus I guess - too many things on the mind.

And trivia can be quite a release. The danger is getting wound up in it - so I'll shut up.