Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Tales to drive you mad


The indefatigable Daily Mail explains.

A solar eclipse is set to block out nearly 90 per cent of sunlight across parts of Europe next month - and it will be the biggest event of its kind in 16 years.

On 20 March, the moon's orbit will see it travel in front of the sun, casting a shadow over Earth.

The eclipse will see up to 84 per cent of the sun covered in London - and around 94 per cent in Glasgow, Aberdeen and Edinburgh.

Meanwhile, electricity system operators have warned the eclipse poses a serious risk of blackouts all over Europe as the continent increasingly relies on solar power.

Quite why this is a bigger threat than nightfall I'm not sure. The last time I checked, the sun disappeared quite regularly and predictably every day. Without fail. What about cloudy days which are rather less predictable so presumably more scary?

Okay it's mostly the Daily Mail having fun, but to my mind there is a touch of madness too, a hint that all is not well in the collective thinking department. 

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