Saturday, 16 August 2014

WiFi and Hurricane Bertha

In the unlikely event that my lucubrations have been missed, my excuse is that I’ve just spent a week on holiday without web access. 

Yes the place had WiFi as advertised, but this was a cottage in North Norfolk where WiFi seems to have some kind of local meaning.The phone signal was feeble too, so we enjoyed a whole week with only TV available to keep tabs on the outside world. Quite relaxing actually.

I took the above picture of Hurricane Bertha from the Norfolk Coast Path. The old girl was still impressive even in her dotage – had us running for cover anyhow.

More later.


Mac said...

From the Daily Mash. One of my all-time favorites;

Demetrius said...

What is the Noel Coward line? "Very flat, Norfolk"? In the late 1940's it was very pleasant. Gone down a bit since.

A K Haart said...

Mac - ha ha - although I'm not sure why Norfolk comes in for such stick.

Demetrius - still quite posh in some places though and the salt marshes can be very atmospheric.