Sunday, 7 April 2013

Next week’s soaps

The BBC’s latest serial drama Skaggford has been a real hit with TV soap fans. This week- has Amir killed Pozza?

After much agonising, Soul decides to name her new baby Prole because it rhymes with Soul, although Mrs Glass say she could just as well have chosen Dummy because it rhymes with Mummy. At this, Soul bursts into tears of rage, shouting that Mrs Glass is disrespecting her at a vulnerable time. She storms off to report Mrs Glass to the head of her latest social work team.

Meanwhile Maz is drinking with Baz in the Dog’s Head.

Baz says everyone thinks Maz is the father of Soul’s baby. Angrily denying that he is Prole’s father, Maz storms off to A&E at Skaggford General, demanding a DNA test and threatening to smash the place up if he doesn’t get one. After a tense stand-off with medical staff, the police are called, Maz is arrested and taken to Skaggford police station.

Unable to find her social work team, Soul marches off to Skaggford police station where she loudly demands the arrest of Mrs Glass just as Maz is dragged in. Tearfully they embrace. Will Maz be charged with disturbing the peace at Skaggford General? Will he and Soul get back together?

Back at the Dog’s Head, Mr Braithwaite asks Jucee if she is interested in taxidermy holidays, but Jucee says the last time she got into a taxi she became pregnant. Mr Braithwaite suggests they could go on a taxidermy holiday together to find out what it’s like while Jucee gets over her many traumas.

Jucee desperately needs a holiday but says she has nowhere to leave baby Babe. Mr Braithwaite says he’ll think of something, but Mrs Glass shouts out from the other side of the pub that she loves taxidermy holidays and can she come with them? Mr Braithwaite decides to ignore her.

Meanwhile, Lizzi and Maxxi have returned from Magaluf after catching the wrong plane and becoming stuck in Sheffield for a week, unable to find a way out. They eventually return to work at the shoe factory only to find Amir has a strike on his hands after sacking Pozza for selling out of date medical supplies on eBay while supposedly reorganising the packing department.

Amir threatens to close the factory if the strike goes ahead, but Jucee goes to the factory after closing time to plead with Amir not to sack Pozza because he might be the father of her baby Babe. Amir says he’ll see what he can do, but he’s still angry with Pozza over the eBay scam.

Later that evening Pozza also goes to see Amir at the factory, demanding his job back. Angry at Amir’s laughing refusal, Pozza pushes him into a desk. Amir retaliates by shoving Pozza into the huge Health and Safety notice board which crashes down on top of him.

Stunned at what he has done, Amir desperately feels for Pozza’s pulse. Has he killed Pozza?


Thud said...

More! I can't wait for the omnibus edition.

A K Haart said...

Thud - neither can I!

James Higham said...

That's wonderful - I'm now up with it all.

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