Monday, 7 January 2013

Sun and climate

Geoff Sharp who manages the Beyond Landscheidt website has produced two videos explaining how solar and planetary interactions may influence the climate - specifically cold periods such as the Little Ice Age.

The videos are a little technical, but easy enough to follow. The key points of interest are periodic perturbations in the angular momentum of the sun as it orbits the solar system barycentre. These orbital perturbations seem to correlate with solar changes and global cooling periods. We appear to be entering one of those now.


James Higham said...

Neptune and Uranus - ordered and disordered. I'm wondering if the astrologers might have something after all.

Anonymous said...

AK, I once had a 'gut feeling' that the sun must play a large part in our climate but, alas, that great sun-swot, Dr. Leif Svalsgaard, warns us against leaping to conclusions in the way the 'warmers' do - the jury is still out, according to him, or to be precise, there is currently insufficient evidence. This is worth reading, especially the comments thread:

A K Haart said...

James - it certainly makes you think because these oddities may have been observed in earlier times.

David - I agree with Svalsgaard on this - the lesson learned from the AGW crowd runs deep with me.

I posted this because the correlation is there and it's one we can check by careful, patient record keeping, which is what made astronomy so successful.