Friday, 17 June 2011

Dickens on education

From Wikipedia

‘I am far from being friendly,’ pursued Mr Dombey, ‘to what is called by persons of levelling sentiments, general education. But it is necessary that the inferior classes should continue to be taught to know their position, and to conduct themselves properly. So far I approve of schools.’
Charles Dickens – Dombey and Son


Demetrius said...

In Chapter 2 of "Hard Times" "Murdering The Innocents", where Thomas Gradgrind goes in for facts, Dickens comes up with the character of Bitzer. For those devoted to "Shaun The Sheep" we know Bitzer as the incompetent farmers hound who fails to control the sheep. I have been trying to work this one out for some time. Perhaps I am short of facts.

Mark Wadsworth said...

He was probably a proto-Georgist, old Dickens.

David Duff said...

Obviously the proper training of barbers was not high on his list of priorities, either!

A K Haart said...

D - Hmm I suppose Dickens' Bitzer was a bit of a hound.

MW - the long arm of fashion, although the writings of both seemed to have lasted much longer.

DD - perhaps Mrs Dickens liked it.