Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The price of the wearer


Personally I detest diamonds. They are hard and showy. They give any young and lovely human creature an air of meretriciousness; and merely serve to disguise and conceal the old and ugly. They price their wearer, and only the evil come alive in their baleful company.

Walter de la Mare - The Lost Track (1926)


Michael said...

The last auction where we bought anything resulted in an old push lawn mower for £7.50!

For that diamond money, we could have bought a new one...

Sackerson said...

... but "Lucy in the sky with lawnmowers" doesn't scan.

Demetrius said...

My real fear is when the lady finds out that the diamond in the ring I bought near sixty years ago is just good quality cut glass.

wiggiatlarge said...

Were he alive today Walter de la Mare would be told in no uncertain terms where to go if he repeated that in front of No1 !

A K Haart said...

Scrobs - can't you tow it across the lawn with the electric bike?

Sackers - but it's more forlorn.

Demetrius - it may be time to bribe the optician.

Wiggia - I'm expecting a verbal comment for similar reasons.