Sunday, 13 March 2016


Questions and answers concerning the ThermoCafe by Thermos 0.5 Litre Flask as sold by Argos

Q from what hight [sic] can it be thrown from before it breaks? Just asking for a friend here.

A from staff member. Hi there. Thanks for using Q and A. The flask is described as virtually unbreakable but if thrown from any height, it's functionality cannot be guaranteed. Hope this helps.

Q how many people can drink from it before it wears out?

A Hi Rose! I can confirm that this 0.5 litre flask can provide a 250ml drink for two people or 500ml for one. How long the flask lasts will depend on usage and general wear and tear. However, looked after properly it can last for years. Thanks for using Argos Q&A.


Sam Vega said...

This has all the makings of an excellent party game. Person 1 (called "Customer") takes an object from a box. They then ask Person 2 (called "Argos") a faintly loopy question about it. Person 2 then has twenty seconds to frame a non-committal and good-natured reply. Points are awarded for creativity and a certain surreal fey good humour.

wiggiatlarge said...

Amazon has already got a more "advanced" version of this, where a purchaser of a product can ask inane questions that our put out to previous purchasers for answers.
This usually falls into the category of those who can't be bothered to read the instructions and want someone else to do it for them, I would not say the answers fall into the parlour game category but they do provide on occasions the best of British in creativity.

A K Haart said...

Sam - your fortune is made, but you need a snappy name for it.

Wiggia - I've seen those and I'm sure at least some people are just having fun. At least I hope so.