Sunday, 7 February 2016



Decided to try a folk remedy this morning. Woke up with a very mild sniffle so I tried nipping it in the bud with a raw garlic sandwich before breakfast. One slice of buttered bread sprinkled with a a large garlic clove finely sliced then folded over to make a sandwich.

Quite tasty it was too and milder than I expected. Of course I realise there may be people out there who eat loads of raw garlic but I've never tried it before even though we use lots of it in our cooking. 

My mistake was to munch it up before breakfast because toast, marmalade and coffee all tasted strongly of garlic. By mid afternoon the sniffle seems to be fading, but was it the garlic wot dunnit? Somehow I doubt it. If garlic was all we needed to ward off colds we'd know for sure by now. Makes a tasty sandwich though. 


Anonymous said...

Doubt it will make much difference to you, but at least you won't be spreading it around much.

James Higham said...

It's not an instant remedy. I've eaten a fair bit of garlic over a long period of time, along with other things like lemon, broccoli, those sorts of foods. I'm a believer that all of it together, along with a certain amount of exercise, does wonders.

Demetrius said...

It might depend on the quality of the marmalade.

Anonymous said...

I assume Mrs. Haart left the house immediately and thus the only question remaining is has she returned yet?

Garlic is the invention of the devil in league with the French!

A K Haart said...

Roger - apparently it was detectable for hours.

James - we eat a fair amount of fruit and veg and generally feel better than we do after a few days on a hotel diet.

Demetrius - it was supermarket marmalade. Okay but not the best.

David - I thought only vampires disliked garlic.

Anonymous said...

I'm not rising to that one, AK!