Thursday, 19 November 2015

Dangling parcel

The other day we returned home to find one of those Parcelforce notes they leave when unable to deliver a parcel. As there was an instruction to leave the thing in the porch we were not pleased.

However, on reading the note it turned out that the delivery guy had contrived an elastic band cradle and suspended our parcel on the other side of the locked gate at the side of the house.

Perhaps it's a common enough ruse for light parcels but we haven't seen it before and were well impressed with the simple ingenuity of it.

The photo is a dramatised reconstruction using the original parcel and elastic band cradle. After taking it down I couldn't work out how he'd done it so I bodged it using the bolt as you can see.


Sam Vega said...

Ex Boy Scout.

Anonymous said...

I hope no bands were hurt in making this film....

A K Haart said...

Sam - maybe he's the one who leaves a trail of rubber bands so he can find his way back to base.

Roger - they were stretched but they coped.