Tuesday, 6 August 2013


We’d stopped at the Driftwood Cafe in Blue Anchor for a bite to eat while out walking. It was sunny so we chose an outdoor table. At the next table were Grandma and Granddaughter waiting for Mum and Dad.

“This lipstick is finished,” said Grandma, holding up the defunct lipstick after a rummage in her bag.

“You can use mine,” said Granddaughter, whipping out her lipstick from her bag. She appeared to be about eight years old. My wife says Granddaughter had an adult’s pot of lipstick with brush and mirror.

“Well mine is finished so I will borrow yours if I may,” Grandma replied.

No bucket and spade on the nearby beach for that young lass.


Michael said...


Very thoughtful post Mr H!

GCs don't do buckets and spades all the time do they, Mrs S and I are regular attendees at three-year-old's hair salon...

A K Haart said...

Michael - crikey, where did childhood go?