Friday, 1 April 2011

My new book

My new book, The Pillbox, has just been released on Amazon Kindle. 
The Pillbox is a darkly amusing tale of mystery and professional failure in a shabby seaside town. Doctor Julius Woolf is a successful but limited clinical psychologist near retirement.

Fifty years earlier, he and his elder sister Kassia live with their Aunt Beth, an eccentric, marijuana-smoking artist. They live in Mayfield; Aunt Beth’s grand but neglected home. One day, Woolf’s best friend Robbie kills a cat with his father’s stolen air-rifle. Woolf and Robbie get rid of the cat in a wartime pillbox at the far end of the beach.

This key event in Woolf’s life leads to an obsession with the human mind. He embarks on a career as a clinical psychologist, to which he is successful but hopelessly unsuited. His sporadic appearances as a glib TV psychologist blind him to his tragic, yet almost comical inability to make sense of his own life and the mysteries surrounding his sister’s disappearance as a teenager.

At least that's what the blurb says. If you buy it, I hope you enjoy it.

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