Saturday, 13 May 2017

Steamy art

Nottingham Post reports how an art installation has caused numerous calls to the emergency services.

Firefighters have received 'numerous' reports of a suspected blaze in Nottingham - which turned out to be part of an art exhibition.

Clouds have been seen rising from the roof of the Nottingham Contemporary gallery, in the Lace Market, over recent weeks, with concerned passers-by ringing the emergency services.

But they are from the Thinking Head piece which will be part of an exhibition starting at the venue on May 20 - and are merely formed of steam.

All art teaches us something I suppose. Not necessarily what the artist intended, but it teaches us something.


CherryPie said...

What a surprise that you should post this today I walked past it this afternoon. At first glance it did look as if the building was on fire. On closer inspection it was obviously something else, then we saw the explanation that it was part of an artwork. We weren't tempted to have a look, we settled for a drink next door in the Pitcher and Piano next door.

Michael said...

Never ever bothered about 'art'.

I'd prefer to see a new horse chestnut bloom in the making, or a runner bean popping through the compost, just as nature intended.

Art's for art's sake (10cc).

Sackerson said...

Makes you think, dunnit?

Sam Vega said...

Apparently it's the only place where the homeless in Nottingham can get a free sauna.

Demetrius said...

Well, people do get hot under the collar about art.

James Higham said...

Should be titled "Panic".

A K Haart said...

Cherry - not far from us then. I'm sure I'd have preferred the Pitcher and Piano too.

Scobs - I sometimes make the effort with art, but it's slow going.

Sackers - it does dunnit? But not for long.

Sam - and when I was commuting there I saw plenty of those.

Demetrius - and elsewhere too if it's that steamy.

James - or "Don't Panic".