Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Christmas miscellany

We went for a wander around an antiques centre today. Our visit was somewhat spoiled for me at times by the pop music. I didn’t quite walk out in disgust, but the temptation was certainly there. On the drive home Mrs H informed me that it was mostly George Michael being played. I'd assumed it was just the usual supermarket ear-bash. I’m not sure what that signifies though.

During our day on the road we saw a number of blue lights whizzing off to some emergency or other. At one point we passed what looked like a serious accident involving a number of crumpled vehicles. Tragic for those involved, but it isn’t all that difficult is it, adapting to fog and icy conditions? Doesn’t guarantee safe arrival though because not everyone bothers.

Oh well, it’s time to boil some spuds to go with the last bits of salmon. For some reason I enjoy finishing off the Christmas left-overs. It feels wholesomely frugal after all the excess, although we don’t really do excess these days.


Sackerson said...

You can overdo moderation.

Demetrius said...

Having been a driver now for sixty odd years, things have changed quite a lot. These days however, I believe that there has been a significant change in the last decade or so. That is that there is a great deal more risky driving, poorer road sense, lack of attention etc. which is making even a brief ride a worry. Too many people are driving too close, too fast and just not paying attention or using their common sense; especially on the motorways.

A K Haart said...

Sackers - maybe, but I still have the overwhelming urge to go at it like a mouse in a china shop.

Demetrius - more evidence that common sense is not a rising trend.