Sunday, 8 May 2016

Brexit to where?

This piece in the Guardian reminds us of something we already know, that there is more to national independence than leaving the EU.

Hinkley Point: UN says UK failed to consult over risks

UN Economic and Social Council says Britain has not met its obligations to discuss the impact of nuclear accident with neighbouring countries.

The Guardian piece links to this UN document.

Economic Commission for Europe 
Meeting of the Parties to the Convention
on Environmental Impact Assessment
in a Transboundary Context

Shaking off the EU is only part of the story. There are UN tentacles too. Ultimately it may be necessary to accept that the world is changing and national self-determination is and probably always was a romantic dream. 


wiggiatlarge said...

Oh I think the UN is the least of our worries, according to our dear leader we will be at war if we leave the EU be economically bankrupt before that be unable to control all the extra terorists have to deal with house price meltdown be unable to buy any more BMWs no more French Champagne and cheese holiday flights will become ruinously expensive (probably wont be allowed to land) expats will all be sent home.......................................all followed by bubonic plague if we dare leave, the choice is yours.

A K Haart said...

Wiggia - I'm surprised Cameron hasn't yet raised the spectre of medieval epidemics sweeping the land if we leave the EU.

wiggiatlarge said...

Bit late for the medieval epidemic, it arrived some time ago and still is arriving, that one we managed without the EU.