Friday, 6 November 2015


We're back from Bridlington and as you may be able to see, the beach wasn't excessively crowded. We weren't jostled by the teeming throng as we strolled up and down through the fog. 

WiFi wasn't much good so I didn't even attempt a holiday post but we had a fine old time. November can be very atmospheric. Yes - I'm sure that's the right word. Atmospheric.

I suppose I'll have to catch up on the news now. Is it a good habit, keeping up with the news? I'm not so sure - it's only fog. Life has more to offer.


Michael said...

Had to Google *old Top, Mr H, and what a great sounding - and presumably tasting beer!

Down here, we used to have a beer called Gold Top, brewed by Fremlins, which was in fact sugar free, and OK for diabetics etc. It was quite strong, and had a superb flavour and body. Now it's sadly gone from the shelves...

Glad you had a good break anyway!

A K Haart said...

Michael - blame my photography, it's Wold Top, a pleasant Yorkshire brew.

I see Fremlins Gold Top is listed here.