Thursday, 5 March 2015


Aeons ago a friend insisted that photos fail to bring back life's experiences. He gave it as his reason for not having and not wanting a camera. Photos he said, trigger memories which are not the original experience, but a new synthetic memory framed by the photo itself.

Above is a photo of the Dove valley taken on a recent walk. We'd climbed the hill and trundled through inches of farmyard mud to reach the hillside where we sat for a moment to drink it all in. We drank some tea too, but that wasn't why we lingered.

I think my photophobic friend was at least partly right. The whole experience, blue sky, delightful views, sense of exhilaration, muddy boots, tea from a flask - cannot be experienced again via the photo. The thing is ephemeral and that's partly what he was saying. The experience now lies in a receding past and the memory will fade, as they do.

Here's another photo from the same spot.


Anonymous said...

Would be quite some photo if it brought back the original experience - perhaps Apple is working on it. The boots look more a 'madeleine' experience.

Demetrius said...

All it needs is an HST line.

Michael said...

There's a fabulous small hotel close to Dovedale, Mr H, and I'm damned if I can remember the name of it, but by God, what a place!

'Bentley Brook'?

When you think that my company used up 75 acres of beautiful scenery near Brailsford, I begin to wonder if the M25, the M20, the M2, all of Kent, most of Sussex, Milton Keynes, etc etc., are really the places where I should be feeling triumphant!

A K Haart said...

Roger - a 'madeleine' experience for you?

Demetrius - but think of the property prices.

Michael - yes it could be the Bentley Brook at Fenny Bentley. The trouble with beautiful scenery is that once it's gone it's gone.