Saturday, 1 October 2016

It's How It Usually Begins

Night life in Poland in 1930s: Henryk Gold's Orchestra plays Bo to się zwykle tak (It's How It Usually Begins) 1935.

I find this video extraordinarily poignant. Impossible to watch it without dwelling on the shadow of what was to come. 


Demetrius said...

Gdynia then was mostly new being built up in the 1920's as a new port for Poland. It is north of Gdansk, an ancient town with a long history of changing ownership with a Prussian population. In 1939 it was a major objective for the Germans being a part that they lost in 1920. It was also an area affected by The Lithuanian Crusade in the 1390's with Bolingbroke, later King Henry IV, riding with The Teutonic Knights along with some of his knights. There is a Waterton family tomb in Methley Church that has one, Sir Robert Waterton.

Anonymous said...

Well done, AK, hugely evocative.

Michael said...

All done in a minor key - just ripe for 1938/9.

A K Haart said...

Demetrius - I'm reminded of something Bertie Wooster asked Jeeves.

David - it is evocative isn't it?

Scrobs - I wouldn't know about the key, not my strong point.

James Higham said...

That's a thought I often have, looking at old photos of people going about their business. Little did they know. Little do we know too.

A K Haart said...

James - I have such thoughts too and I agree, little do we know.