Sunday, 2 October 2016

Homer Simpson: An economic analysis


Sam Vega said...

That's a big sociological hammer to crack a very small nut, but it's worth noting that Homer would be in a completely different class in the UK, depending on the classification used. For some reason, Americans have never been happy with the term "working class", and the classification systems they use are based almost entirely on income, rather than the Weberian-influenced systems in the UK. And the sustained joke is that an unskilled loser can be in charge of a nuclear power-plant's safety, whereas nowhere in the world would this be entrusted to anyone other than highly-skilled engineers and physicists.

Of greater interest is the "vocal fry" speech of the two narrators. While their incomes have stagnated, their voices have become drier and creakier.

Sackerson said...

Good find, though I prefer text to vid as it allows me to skim.

Demetrius said...

But what have been his spending patterns? Has he, for example, typically taken on a good deal of debt in recent years? Also, he would need a private pension plan, did he make a good or bad decision? Also, I suspect his local property taxes may have gone up sharply, all those extra nuclear clearing up costs to be met. Poor old Homer, literally.

Anonymous said...

Two nations separated by a single language. The real test is one's reaction to 'fish knives'.

A K Haart said...

Sam - it is a small nut but need not have been. Homer is a loser who never really loses. Necessary for the series, but still interesting if we ask why a loser can be depicted as never losing.

Sackers - me too. I see vids as mostly entertainment.

Demetrius - yes, I hear that Mr Burns has made sure Homer is responsible for all nuclear decommissioning costs.

Roger - particularly electric ones.