Saturday, 20 August 2016

Maybach 6 Concept Car

The Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 is a 2+2 coupe, and the concept’s most defining feature is probably its enormous size. The concept measures 18.5 feet long (a bit short of the 20 feet that was promised earlier), nearly 7 feet wide, and is designed as an electric car.

Maybe I'm not in tune with these things, but to my way of thinking this car is silly, even as a concept. Perhaps in our technical age it is no surprise if luxury car makers lose the battle to keep mystique on the road. 

The jabbering female doesn't help.


wiggiatlarge said...

It is very silly, even without going into the practicalities of the thing.

But German car makers have a penchant for all things "grosse" the previous Maybachs, certain Mercedes like R class and BMW X6(hideous) and several Audi Q series amongst others, all show that the Germans given the chance would have a Tiger tank on the road if they could get certification and road wheels on the thing.

Michael said...

I don't understand why these cars are promoted for the super-rich.

The technicalities don't need super sized frames, and therefore, a much smaller car doing what this does, would be much more of a money-spinner, than just poking adverts at blokes with small dicks. Plenty of normal people (with normal dicks) would be keen to look seriously at the concept.

My new electric bike has more than enough power to get me anywhere - even on the hills which normally need 2nd gear in a car.

Still, if the 'dick' syndrome still warrants a purchasing level in cars, then there will be all sorts of cash available, as they just do this sort of purchase at a whim.

Meanwhile, back on earth, the Chinese build super reasonably-priced bikes for normal people.

(And there's no mention of dicks).

Angus Dei said...

Typical German thinking big, ugly and pointless. The enormous size is probably due to the vast amount of batteries needed to run it.

Bernard said...

"Typical German thinking big, ugly and pointless."
Now, now Angus.
No need to drag Angela Merkel into the dicusion. ;-)

Demetrius said...

Given the average citizen of Germany where would he put his camping gear and more to the point it could never pull a caravan properly.

Anonymous said...

One for the vulgarians.

A K Haart said...

Wiggia - yes the BMW X6 is hideous, oafish in its apparent determination to offer nothing more than big.

Scrobs - electric cars seem to be coming of age, but the dick-wavers don't help at all.

Angus - good point, given its size it must be mostly batteries.

Bernard - is Angela big though?

Demetrius - ah but the caravan could be a huge reserve battery pack.

Roger - amazingly vulgar, but the rich often are.