Friday, 20 May 2016

The luvvies' Brexit letter

Simon Jenkins on the luvvies' letter.

The luvvies’ letter, like those on both sides from sportsmen, scientists and cheap-jack employers, merely shows what we know: that most people vote with their wallets. Political argument is easier when couched, not in facts or predictions, but in fears and favours. We search the news for signs of comfort, not for reasons. When Montagues and Capulets meet at the street corner they do not swap statistics. They puff up their finery. They boast their allies and show their muscle.

Do the luvvies think it makes a difference? Presumably they do, but acquiring names for these traditional antics must be a routine process and its significance correspondingly slight. Does anybody care what celebrities think when they stray beyond their rather limited domain? Probably not.

Rounding up celebrities to support a cause seems to be a tradition rather than a means to sway the undecided. Like sticking leaflets through letterboxes, it serves no purpose beyond reminding folk that a political dispute rumbles along - oh and the date. It reminds folk about the key date should they be interested enough to take note.


Demetrius said...

Publicity needs celebrities and celebrities need publicity.

Henry Kaye said...

Unfortunately, there are quite a lot of people who are in awe of celebrities and who, in my opinion, should be deprived a vote on anything until they've grown out of it!

Michael said...

I always consider that the opposite of a luvvy's comment, or a politician's scary comment is the right course. (that's when I bother to turn on the television).

We haven't a clue what 'celebs' are supposed to be 'famous' for, and prefer real people whom we meet in the village.

Politicians are unfortunately more in the limelight, and are never to be trusted anyway.

Anonymous said...

Slebs add oofle-dust to your campaign, a feeling of bunny rabbits, kittens and all things nice. Politicians (think snips and snails, and all things vile) like to sprinkle on a layer of Sleb to cover up the smell and Slebs know all publicity is good - and there might be a gong in it. Win Win - what's not to like.

A K Haart said...

Demetrius and Henry - yet celebrities don't seem to impress people. I don't know anyone who gives much general credence to the views of celebrities.

Scrobs - I've no idea what many are famous for either and I'm certainly not interested in finding out.

Roger - do they add the oofle-dust though? I'm not so sure.

Henry Kaye said...

AKH - The people I am referring to are young and should be barred from voting for this aptitude they have and for many other things also.