Saturday, 14 May 2016


From the video description.

The ghost town of Pyramiden is located on Svalbard Islands, at 79° North. It's an old soviet mining settlement, abandoned in 1998. A surreal landscape, where the dimension of time seems to expand beyond its own borders.


Sam Vega said...

From around 2.25 into the video. Interesting how that Soviet style is also thought appropriate for lots of new buildings in Cambridge. There is a new student hall of residence near us that looks just like that.

And what are those metal boxes in the wondows? Hardly air-con. Deep freeze on one's window-sill?

Anonymous said...

Honestly, that's all so last century! Today the Chinese, er, brothers, build entire cities inhabited by the legendary three men and a dog. Come on Russia, you can do better than that!

James Higham said...

Svalbad - that's where the seed vault is, no?

Demetrius said...

Will sales there affect property prices in the Home Counties? We should be told.

A K Haart said...

Sam - I haven't been to Cambridge for about forty years, but it seemed pleasant enough then. Planners need constant watching. I don't know what the boxes are. Perhaps Soviet building regs were not flexible enough to omit them even in an Arctic climate.

David - ah but the Chinese can afford it thanks to all the crap we buy from them.

James - it is, although why it is required I'm not so sure.

Demetrius - bound to eventually as the London effect becomes wider and wider. Igloos will eventually be out of reach for first time buyers.