Monday, 12 November 2012

Costly curlies

I was shopping in Sainsbury's this morning and a couple of new light bulbs were on the list. What took me by surprise was how expensive they are all of a sudden.

Even since the dirt cheap incandescent bulbs were legislated off the shelves, the previously cheap curly variety seem to have become more expensive.

Isn't that strange?


Sam Vega said...

I think I mentioned on here before that Sainsburys literally gave them away at one point. Just turn up with your receipt, and we hand one over. Because we care about the planet, you see.

Also, isn't it funny that we need to get new ones at all? Weren't they supposed to last for decades?

The Filthy Engineer said...

Yes I've noticed the hike in prices for CFL's. However over the last few months I've been replacing failed CFL's in most commonly used positions with LED's. Kitchen, landings, sitting room etc. Although expensive they do give a decent light with minimal power usage. Supposedly they have a life of 25 years (I doubt it, but if I get ten I'll be pleased). I'm doing it to have the satisfaction that my energy supplier now owes me money which means that I can keep comfortably warm through the winter.

A K Haart said...

Sam - yes, Sainsbury's were almost giving them away - I remember it too. In my experience they last a few years, but seem to vary.

We also have more fittings these days. Once it was bayonet, now we have screw, small screw, small bayonet and those halogen things.

FE - I've been wondering about LEDs. Expensive as you say, but they probably do last a decade.

banned said...

EDF sent me a free pack of 4 "energy efficient" bulbs that went straight in the bin (recycled). Sainsburys, Tesco and the rest turned over and stopped selling real lightbulbs several months before the law required them to do so.

Being a keen observer of modern trends I amassed a sufficient stock of proper lightbulbs to see me to my grave but, so I am told, independent retailers are still able to supply them provided you use the magic word "industrial".

A K Haart said...

banned - I don't know if it's true but I heard someone managed to import them as "heat globes".