Tuesday, 12 September 2017


One of our pet hates is the word ‘enjoy’ too often used when folk serve food at cafes and restaurants. It comes across as supremely casual with a subtle hint of de haut en bas, a throwaway sign-off because the food has been duly delivered and that’s that. Actually eating it is the lowly unskilled part - anyone can do it. 

Does one enjoy food anyway? Food can be pleasant and even delicious but I wouldn’t class the actual mastication as enjoyment. Far more important is the social aspect, the occasion, the ambiance the conversation ebbing and flowing across the table. All that should be enjoyable but the food? I don’t think so - pleasantly palatable will do. Taste buds are not that important. 

It’s the occasion not the food. An airy, offhand ‘enjoy’ doesn’t enhance the occasion.


Sam Vega said...

I've never worked in a restaurant or cafe, or any sort of retail, so I'd like to know how these daft little phrases ("Have a nice da-ayy!!") gain currency. Are they just passed along individually in the zeitgeist, such that people hear it and think "I'll try that one at work - it might get me more tips"? Or do managers hold training sessions where they get staff to repeat with just the right level of insouciance? Role-play until they get it right?

Demetrius said...

See you later, masticater.

wiggiatlarge said...

Even better is the end of the meal "how was that sir ? knowing that 99% of customers will say - lovely meal, thanks, even when it wasn't.
I have replied on one occasion "there was no meal, that was not a meal" it didn't go down well and nor did the minute portion put in front of me.

Michael said...

Much more important to choose the wine first, then just say 'Oh sod it, I'll just have a starter' and leave it at that!

I've now decided that two pints of Harveys is not a good accompaniment to a fillet of cod and a hundred-weight of chips...

A K Haart said...

Sam - I think managers hold training sessions. The role-play could even be fun.

Yesterday I downloaded a sample of Tom Bower's Blair biography onto my Kindle. Very interesting although I'm not sure if I'll buy it - could be so depressing.

Demetrius - in a while... no I can't think of the last word.

Wiggia - minute portions sounds posh though. At the other end of the scale we don't like large portions - the other day we shared a cream scone because scones seem to be expanding to the size of a small cake.

A K Haart said...

Scrobs - I love fish and chips but the portions are to huge. With two pints you only need a cheese and pickle sandwich.