Monday, 14 November 2016

Guess why

I didn't guess what they are doing. 

It seems skilled but tedious, at first sight a strange combination. Or maybe not. The traditional nature of it casts a romantic glow but not for long. Once learned this is surely another boring repetitive job.


FrankC said...

Are they making chopsticks?

Sackerson said...

Sam Vega said...

I found that working for a living could occasionally be fun or even fulfilling. But generally it oscillated between boredom and fear, with little in between.

wiggiatlarge said...

I lived near this wonderful old company on the Essex/Suffolk border, and used them to match bricks in a garden wall that was part of a commission I was working on.

Despite being fascinated with what was going on and admiring the skills involved, much of the work was very repetitive and must have been very boring for the workforce.

Demetrius said...

If they were dealing with blogs then they might be splitting hairs.

A K Haart said...

Frank - I initially though chopsticks too, but they are making wooden roof shingles.

Sackers - I'm sure my minutes weren't priceless gems. I'd have remembered.

Sam - I had some fun and fulfilling times too, but I don't recall much fear.

Wiggia - years ago we visited the Wedgwood factory. A chap painting china figures said he enjoyed the job until ISO 9000 (I think) came in.

Demetrius - now that can be interesting.