Thursday, 12 May 2016

Screaming kids

The other day we encountered yet another screaming kid in Sainsbury’s. I don’t mean a crying baby, but one of those pre-school kids who seem to go into complete meltdown over some real or imagined frustration. They aren’t prepared to tone it down either. It’s a wonder their dear little lungs don’t give out.

It’s part of life of course, but it seems to me that wildly hysterical kids in public places are more common than they used to be. I’m not sure why and I’m half inclined to put it down to grumpy old age but that’s what my experience tells me.

Perhaps parents dare not admonish the hysterical ones in anything but a hopelessly ineffective manner because they are afraid to step out of line and bring some horrendous life-changing child abuse accusation down on their heads. However unlikely, the fear must be there.

Or maybe we are teaching some kids to be hysterical because on the whole it works. Perhaps some wise parents are steering their little ones towards a me, me me career because that's all there is.


Michael said...

The parent is just too thick to do anything about it!

Whaaaaaaaah, compoooooo, benefits......

Walk on by Mr H, it saves the statins from doing their valuable work!

Derek said...

I caught part of the two hairy bikers program on iplayer last night which focused on pairing up early teenagers with oap's in an Oxford school. What struck me was the behaviour of some of the pupils, and the school environment in general though I can't help but think parental attitudes are at the basis of child disorder.

Previously, and from personal experience of close neighbours, so called problem children have been those from parents who have been teachers, or social workers. Odd that. Or is it prophetic.

Demetrius said...

Having been in audiences now for live performances for seven decades one aspect of the last decade in particular is the shrieking and yelping when it is time for applause. Also, it seems that any sort of event for which some kind of reaction follows it is now obligatory the scream, shout and stamp your feet. It is very tiresome and if listening to lovely music we now hit the mute button at the last note to avoid our enjoyment being spoiled. The screaming kids is another feature of this.

Henry Kaye said...

This is just another example of how our traditional culture has become debased. There have been many influences at work and I'm at a loss to suggest what can be done about it.

A K Haart said...

Scrobs - and timid in my view, as if they are afraid of attracting attention to themselves as well as the child.

Derek - we have teachers in the family and hear many stories of inadequate parents who offload everything onto the school. A minority, but they cause the problems.

Demetrius - in addition to being tiresome it feels childish and embarrassing. As if sections of the audience feel the need to hype the performance.

Henry - I think that's the problem, too many influences. Islamic history has just crept into the curriculum of our local school and out goes the Industrial Revolution. I assume that's a national change.