Monday, 4 April 2016

Mossack Fonseca

This Mossack Fonseca caper is interesting isn't it?



Not even mildly surprising is it?


Sam Vega said...

Not even remotely surprising, no. It's a bit like finding evidence of deer in your suburban garden.

"I've never seen them, but I've heard all about them, and look! look!! it's all true!!"

Henry Kaye said...

They are powerful, influential and wealthy and they control everyone and everything. There aren't that many of them compared to the world population but they laugh at the puny efforts and opinions of the people whose lives they control and manipulate. Those people - us- are given an appearance of having an influence but it's all a farce. Everything that happens does so without our knowledge or permission and some of us actually believe that we have a say in what's going on.

Michael said...

It's a huge yawn isn't it.

I'd be more worried if someone hadn't found any evidence and made it all up. But that's the way Brussels works isn't it!

Derek said...

There are sheep, there are dogs and shepherds, there are the shepherds bosses, and then there are those who own all the land. 0.01% control the 99.09%, the latter are kept in the dark and fed rules and regulations for generations, occasionally getting involved in patriotic conflicts and 'democracy', and vowing 'never again'. But that's not the plan, not by a long chalk.

Knowing this - spotting the Elephant in the room - allows us to do what about it? Sweet FA. And if the farm doesn't pay - slaughter - leaving the 0.01% in their nirvana. What will they do for entertainment without us?

Sackerson said...


- that's interesting, isn't it?

Sobers said...

The interesting thing is just how colonial the Left get when someone overseas is doing something they don't like. They are virtually creaming themselves at the idea of sending in the gunboats and imposing leftist civilisation on scheming foreigners.

James Higham said...

This what caper?

A K Haart said...

Sam - good analogy. Fox poo on the lawn springs to mind too.

Henry - I agree, although the leaks are encouraging.

Scrobs - "if someone hadn't found any evidence and made it all up" you mean like the climate catastrophe?

Derek - I agree, but as I replied to Henry I think the leaks are encouraging. Something is going on.

Sackers - it is. I knew about the BVI connection but had noticed the BBC playing it down. A very untrustworthy organisation.

Sobers - ha ha - that's an angle I hadn't considered.

James - it's a game played by rich people. You and I can't join in. Usually we aren't even supposed to watch but we do.