Friday, 15 November 2013

Council blocks payday loan websites

From the Derbyshire Times we learn:

A decision to block payday loan websites from all of a council’s 7000 computers has been met with approval.

Anyone trying to access lending sites from any of Derbyshire County Councils computers will instead be re-directed to sources of safe, affordable loans such as Credit Unions, financial support services and welfare rights advice.

The move will affect all of the computers owned by the council across the county including those in libraries and those used by its employees.

Well they are council-owned computers so it's up to them what they allow and what they block even though they are blocking access to a legal activity. 

Even so, I've no problem with it per se. It's the mission creep I don't like. It never ends, slithering into every nook and cranny of daily life.


Scrobs... said...

While I agree that councils should just get on with clearing the streets etc, I cannot understand why Credit Unions etc aren't being more robust in their efforts to attract business.

The CAB etc are excellent, but cannot provide any money, only a stay of execution, and sound advice and help with proposals while the banking alternatives could.

Whatever happened to Giro Bank, or is it still a gummint property?

A K Haart said...

Scrobs - maybe the loan sharks have influence?