Thursday, 29 March 2012

Global gulag

Okay, optimism has its uses, but I think a good solid dose of rampant pessimism is what we really need for spotting elephant traps. Here's one elephant trap many of us spotted years ago, but the sodding thing just keeps getting bigger:-

The trap. For global elites and their supporters, the main attraction of global governance and indeed global government, is the obvious fact that they leave we proles with nowhere else to go.

It is surely a monstrous irony that there should be such profound dangers in global political harmony, but there are. Because with absolute inevitability global government will lead to corruption and authoritarian oppression on a scale never seen before. A vast trough at which the elite will gorge themselves stupid.

We are quite obviously some way down the road and the only two questions left are:-
  1. How long it will it take?
  2. Can it be prevented?
My gut answers (and what others are there?) to these two questions are
  1. Thirty to sixty years.
  2. No.
We see the process already in the antics of the UN and EU. Two corrupt and authoritarian political machines that will not stop and cannot be stopped because the machine has no brakes. Maybe the revival of a grimly determined nationalism would do the trick, but where do we get a decent supply of nationalism when we need it most? Even so we may only be staving off the inevitable for another generation.

The old freedoms, such as they were, are on the way out. Nobody now living will ever see their like again.


Anonymous said...

Gloomy, but alas, true.

Sam Vega said...

There will be new freedoms. We will fight them, and even though they might establish new institutions and structures, they will not win.

Woodsy42 said...

"decent supply of nationalism "

There is quite a bit in China and Russia. They won't be helping us directly but I can't see them playing one world government games.

A K Haart said...

David - a dose of gloomy seems to be a good bet these days.

Sam - you may be right. I have a possible blog post niggling away at me on that.

Woodsy - yes I can't see China or Russia joining, but maybe that just makes three gulags with common interests.

James Higham said...

Various members of Them put a time frame of 2020 or so.

A K Haart said...

James - I think they will be pushed to make 2020, but things will certainly have moved on.